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User-DB Module Michael Stenitzer <jenoe[dot]stenitzer[at]gmail[dot]com> 04-10-2009

we are currently upgrading one of our web-applications to roxen 5.0.
due to the mysql upgrade there is a problem with the formerly used old
style mysql password hashing.

so i extended the SQL user DB module with a compatibility mode. maybe
someone wants to use this or even include it into the next roxen
release ;-)

here is the diff...

>       case "old-password":
> 	return (int)sql_query("SELECT OLD_PASSWORD(%s) = %s as pswmatch",
> 			      password, crypted_password())[0]->pswmatch;
> 				  "old-password":_(5,"MySQL Password (4.0 Compat Mode)"),

cheers, michael

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