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Re: email module: long line problem Dan Nelson <dnelson[at]allantgroup[dot]com> 23-04-2009
In the last episode (Apr 23), Jonas Wallden said:
> <sascha.n[at]> wrote:
> > When an email sent with <email>/ contains a long line (~1000+ chars), at
> > some point spaces are inserted into the message "randomly".
> Grubba is the expert on this but it's supposedly a line length limit part
> of SMTP.  We've encountered the same thing when generating HTML emails and
> since randomly inserting linebreks isn't always safe we chose to use
> base64 transfer encoding instead.

quoted-printable might be a better choice; if your data is mainly text it
will only be slightly larger than unencoded, and is still mostly readable
without decoding.

	Dan Nelson