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Re: Encoding?, incantation? Martin Stjernholm <mast[at]roxen[dot]com> 16-04-2009
"Stephen R. van den Berg" <<srb[at]>> wrote:

> Is it supposed to be logical that the charset needs to be forced to
> iso-8859-1 in order to pass binary data?

Well, it is logical in the sense that iso-8859-1 is an identity
mapping in the 8-bit range.

> I'd expect something like <charset out="none" /> to be more logical.

Could perhaps make that an alias, or maybe "binary".

>><value type="string">
>>    <header name="Content-Type" value="&_.mimetype;"/>
>>    &o.img;
> It works.  Why does it work?  It seems to strip all whitespace outside
> the entities.

Yes, that's the point with it. It strips whitespace and comments,
leaving only variable entity values and results from tags. There are
also types "int", "float", "array", "mapping" and "any" that works the
same way. Those types are intended for larger chunks of code where you
want to use comments and whitespace only for source formatting, like
in any other language.