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Recurring error message for a non-open SSL Stephen R. van den Berg <srb[at]cuci[dot]nl> 09-04-2009
This problem has been present since at least a year of four.  I think I
camouflaged it with one of my patches which were rationalised away by mast.
Now that the gloves are off, I am regularly greeted with the following
error message in the logs:

Not open.
/usr/local/pike/7.8.179/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/sslfile.pike:944: SSL.sslfile(0)->s
protocols/http.pike:3279: RequestID()->create(SSL.sslfile(0),SSLProtocol(https:/
src/backend.cmod:2785: Pike.Backend(0)->`()(3600)
/usr/local/pike/7.8.179/lib/master.pike:3850: master()->_main(({"/usr/roxen/serv
Whereas line 3279 in http.pike reads:

	f->set_nonblocking(got_data, f->query_write_callback(), close_cb);

It usually happens about 2 minutes after the server has started up, once.
What would be the proper place/way to fix this?
           Stephen R. van den Berg.

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