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Re: 50MB binary blob in Roxen CVS? Peter Ohlerich <peter[dot]ohlerich[at]uni-bielefeld[dot]d> 17-03-2009
Henrik Grubbström schrieb:
> On Mon, 23 Jun 2008, Stephen R. van den Berg wrote:
>> Excuse me for asking, but is including a 50MB Yahoo UI tar.gz blob
>> directly into Roxen CVS a Good Thing (tm)?
> The YUI blob is now gone from the Roxen CVS.
> ...


At this point the problem is in my opinion not the question wether it
is good or not. The problem at our site is that the users do exactly
this (uploading movies, presentations or sounds). I have several
multi-100-MB files in the CVS. The users are just uploading and
committing. Because of the single CPU architecture of the Roxen this
is a really blocking problem. When committing such a big file, the
phone rings with the question "Why is the system so incredible slow"
or "Why is there no answer from the Roxen server". A good enhancement
would be to deny committing file larger than a size of xxx MB. When
I find such a big file I ask the owning user, if we can place it
outside the CVS (because such files really increase the size of the
CVS, the dumps and the frontends).

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