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Re: Gathering interest in roxen cron like rxml processor David Hunter <dhunter[at]webhaven[dot]co[dot]nz> 12-03-2009
On 13/03/09 7:43 AM, "Stephen R. van den Berg" <<srb[at]>> wrote:
> And why are those variables not setup using some kind of <use> or <insert
> file>
> from inside the called rxml?

2 variables would be required for our system to know where the files would
be sitting. 
1. The database name being used
2. The virtual path where our code sits.

As we can have our code (rxml app) in any virtual path we choose and we can
use the same code checkout on several sites (the code includes a file like
you mention), we use the following path to store configuration files for
each site /{path to checked out code}/{database name}/config/{settings

We could get around all that by just providing the absolute path to a file
in a real or virtual file system as a header file to be included to suite
any use.