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Re: Gathering interest in roxen cron like rxml processor Stephen R. van den Berg <srb[at]cuci[dot]nl> 11-03-2009
David Hunter wrote:
>Contemplating creating a roxen module that will handle parsing specified
>rxml files on a site at a scheduled time similar to the linux cron system

>Currently have a module that is very specific to internal requirements and
>would like something more open and useable by anyone.
>So far looking at providing an emit plug-in to display the current entries
>and tags to add new and update existing entries.

The following comes to mind:
a. This could be implemented external to Roxen, but I understand the desire
   to make it configurable through a module.
b. If you want to make it configurable through tags, where are you going to
   store the configuration information?
c. Anyone doing complex tasks will back it up with a configuration in SQL.
d. Which leaves two possible angles (in my view):
   1. Keep it as simple as possible and just support calling files at
      regular intervals (possibly with the flexibility and configuration
      of regular crontab(5) options) defined by a static configuration
      only accessible through the standard Roxen configuration interface.
   2. Create a full integration with SQL which defines which runs when.
      The only glue you offer is that the module can be signaled
      that it should reload the configuration from SQL to check for changes
      done through direct SQL commands.
e. In either case, providing update and enumeration functionality in the module
   proper is overkill (in simple case 1 there is no need to update or
   enumerate, in case 2 all that can be done using regular SQL).
           Stephen R. van den Berg.

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