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My latest patchlist/todolist, commented Stephen R. van den Berg <srb[at]cuci[dot]nl> 10-03-2009
Rebased on top the bleeding edge 5.0.
Also available as:

	git fetch -f git:// BuGless.mast6:BuGless.mast6

Skip these (local hacks):
     0470cd8 Cucimorph kludges
     0b819e9 Keep support (for now) for the alternative argument to <email>
     5c7d861 Implement <set-expr-cache />, new feature, defines a new variable
which is still unused inside Roxen, needs to be used to finish the functionality
     b50037a Tune caching for some constructs

This one is included for educational purposes:
     2d612ff Add new Cucimorph module (database filesystem).

Already discussed, skip for now:
     e7ee212 Eliminate $ dependency

Harmless small fixes/extensions/optimisations (recommended):
     e848560 Add a few forgotten not_query assignments
     628545b Allow more functions in expr
     bfef93d Optimise PI tag parsing

Critical fix for SQL session sanity in RXML:
     fff6724 Preserve SQL sessions while parsing one RXML page
Desirable for anyone working with transactions in RXML:
     d5f4ece Tie up dangling SQL-transactions at the end of an RXML session
Generic SQL glue fixes (recommended):
     f198cb0 Cater for lost connections during the last query. This shouldn't
happen, but if it does, it becomes very confusing to localise because of the
surrounding catch.  Errors in errormessages are bad news.
     744e796 Expose MySQL options to the webadmin
     8f3a281 Support extended db-statistics not just for MySQL.

Make LOCALDIR truely configurable (recommended):
     f2dee3c Support LOCALDIR preset everywhere

Various bugfixes (recommended):
     52e079c Make ImageCache authentication configurable
     08086bd Cater for Pike without IPv6 support
     37aff02 Hide the database password from the cachekey
     664f50b Show only the first level of the backtrace to prevent leakage of
information to the visitor.

Critical bugfixes (recommended):
     9af1a97 Tune and fix HTTP compression
     4b304e2 langauge -> language (bugfixes included)
     bac9dcd Take the proper Content-Type field already determined
     0ea4dd5 Perform proper characterset decoding for multipart/form-data.

Enhancements which add support for passing arrays in RXML:
     06c5290 Support arguments which cannot be converted to strings.
     96c50b9 Force conversion to string first (for RXML.Empty and the like).
     53b29d5 Add support for <attrib type=... required> on <define>.

Critical bugfixes (recommended):
     258c9fc Fix overzealous optimisations in the filter patterns.
     09d4e26 Fix priority support for auth modules.
     d3516c0 Fix 5.0 nil-filter.

Various new features with respect to array variables in RXML:
     da6c4dc Support filtering away empty variables.
     808daa1 Rewrite <default> tag, fix variable parameter, allow for arrays in
the values parameter.
     f6770d4 Support empty defaults to tag empty radio buttons

Small feature enhancement to support users belonging to no group:
     335cfc5 Detect if the user belongs to no group.

The previously discussed CAPTCHA implementation, unmodified (skip for now):
     91796bf Implement an automated CAPTCHA tag as part of vform

Various harmless new features which merely add code (recommended):
     16cee43 Add support for csv quoting
     a30addc Add support for bytea encoding
    fd4d2165 New module to protect <script> content from RXML parsing.
     7e16227 New module controlled variable expansion
     8c6da47 New module autosplitted virtual-host logfiles
     c54bff3 New module implementing SQL-backed sessions using PostgreSQL.
     e5446de New module sqlanguage for multilingual entities.

Comments welcome (from anyone).
All patches below the "e7ee212 Eliminate $ dependency" mark are intended
for inclusion in mainstream Roxen.
           Stephen R. van den Berg.

Ping me harder!