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Re: SQL-session reuse in thread Martin Stjernholm <mast[at]roxen[dot]com> 18-01-2009
"Stephen R. van den Berg" <<srb[at]>> wrote:

> I'd say it is imperative to guarantee the same database session
> to the RXML programmer, /.../

It already is. As I said, there is never any thread switch inside an
rxml evaluation session. The rare cases when a request can switch
threads occur elsewhere; more precisely it might happen during async
PUTs (although I'm not quite sure it actually happens there either,

> Wouldn't a longer living id object actually make it desirable to provide
> the same SQL sessions alongside with it?

Maybe in some cases, but it could also be a source of db connection
leaks. I wouldn't be comfortable if a client could make the server
hold a db connection for arbitrarily long by transmitting or receiving
data very slowly.

> I've cleaned up my old patches using ideas from your reuse-in-thread
> solution, and am currently debugging that.  As soon as I have it working,
> I'll see what the cleanest API could be.

Ok, very good!