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git issues (was: Lots of patches that can be integrated into Roxen 5.0 in a heartbeat) Martin Bähr <mbaehr[at]email[dot]archlab[dot]tuwien[dot]ac> 17-01-2009
On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 02:29:26PM +0100, Martin Stjernholm wrote:
> > d. Even if I'd move the real local directory into the source tree (which I
> >    want to avoid, since I have multiple Roxen trees lying around, which all
> >    share the same local tree), there is the problem that during a checkout -f
> >    git wipes out all other files which are not inside the
> >    repository.

it does not for me.
it only wipes files that are in one branch, but not in another, if you
switch from one to the other. any files that are not in any branch at
all are untouched.

> I've several times got a bit hampered by the general all-or-nothing
> approach in git. E.g. a working tree has to be completely clean to
> switch branches (while cvs just patches the changes over into the new
> tree), 

huh? git does the same. i use this feature quite often. it only barks if
you have changes to a file in branch a but the file does not even exist
in branch b, because then it wants to wipe the file which would cause
your changes to be lost, or if thechecked in version of the file is
different (because then it would not know how to apply the change)

in either case you can tell it to merge the changes with 
git checkout -m

> and one can't switch branch just in a subdirectory to quickly
> check something. 

how do you keep track of which branch you have checked out in which
directory? i think that can get messy quickly. 

but why do you need to check out a branch to quickly check something?
you can just check out just the file that you want to check, or look at
the commits. i use gitk to check things in other branches or versions.
it has an option to not only look at commits but also at the file tree
at that version itself.

alternatively you can check out stuff from other branches without
switching to that branch. but that's also messy if you don't want to actually
copy the file from one branch to the other.

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