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Re: imap module Marc Dirix @ Electronics Desig <marc[at]electronics-design[dot]nl> 14-01-2009
Thanks for your relpy

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 07:08:19AM -0800, Peter Jönsson wrote:
> Why not insert a onLoginFailureRedir="[url]" attribute to the <imap> tag? Or
have the login status set to a variable available inside the tag so that you
could do: <if variable="_.imapLoginStatus is ok"> stuff...</if><else>Oh!
you must have slipped on the keys today :)</else>
> There might of course be more cases that would trigger the
<else><redirect/></else> code (imap server unavailable etc etc) so I'll guess it
would be better to handle the failed login a bit more specifik than just in an
<else> statement.

The question was wether use a container or not. The <else> code is
choosen because other modules behave in the same way (like vform and
emit). If I choose a container, and login fails the module should not
execute it's contents. If I don't use a container, there needs to be
some kind of mechanism to check if the credentials match or not
using solmnly an if-plugin would be weird at best, a redirect tag would
work however but can also limit the webprogrammers freedom.

> To your second question it really would be good to have several
connections/read several accounts on one page/in one session. Great if you care
to go beyond your own business case and make it more generic ;)

I think that this would rule out the container variant