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Re: imap module Marc Dirix <marc[at]electronics-design[dot]nl> 14-01-2009

Thanks for your reply.

> <emit source="imap_mailboxes" host="imap://user:<pass[at]>">
>    &; &_.recent; &_.exists<br />
> </emit>
> <else>
>   <redirect to="/wrongcredentials.htm" />
> </else>

Yes seem valid. Although I need a mechanism to
cache the imap connection. Obviously this can be done by adding a
variable to the emit which is used if the connection is available.

> I would also expect the emit tag to throw auth error messages without the
> else..  

Is this even possible? I believe the "else" code is based on setting 
some status flag in the module. Whether the else tag is present or not
is not detectable, am I wrong here?