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imap module Marc Dirix <marc[at]electronics-design[dot]nl> 14-01-2009
I'm still working on a imap module for Roxen (without internal
pre-defined layouting).

Currently I'm deciding which way to ga with the roxen module, as basic
Client in pike stands. Maybe you can give me your thoughts on these two

1) To container or not.
Basically I need some kind of mechanism to connect to the server if 
the connection is not in the cache. I'm thinking I can go 2 ways. Either
use a container or not. See below 2 rxml examples:
example 1
<imap user="bla" password="foo" connectionid="">
<emit source="imap_mailboxes">
&; &_.recent; &_.exists<br />
<redirect to="/wrongcredentials.htm" />

example 2

<imap user="bla" password="foo" connectionid="theid" />
<redirect to="/wrongcredentials.htm" />
<emit source="imap_mailboxes" connectionid="theid" >
&; &_.recent; &_.exists<br />

So the second example leaves more freedom, but I think the first is more
controlled? What is your opinion?

Second Question, I want to use some kind of connectionid to cache the
connection. Should the connectionid either always be giving by the RXML
page, or should the imap module enforce an id by means of the sessionid
(internal), or am I missing some obvious direction here?
If the module enforces the sessionid, it is obvious only one imap
connection can be used per browser. Using more has no current business
case for me, but if it is easy to do then why not?

Best regards,

Marc Dirix