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Re: Lots of patches that can be integrated into Roxen 5.0 in a heartbeat Fredrik Noring <noring[at]roxen[dot]com> 12-01-2009
Hi Stephen,

12 jan 2009 kl. 15.59 skrev Stephen R. van den Berg:
> I tend to view the integrated MySQL server in Roxen as mostly and  
> merely
> a hash-table on steroids, and therefore never use it in my apps.   
> The way
> Roxen uses it, and the way my applications use databases differ enough
> to warrant separate tuning (in order not to step on each other's  
> caches).

The installation is simplified when we can rely on the integrated  
database by default. Of course, anyone can move it off externally for  
further tuning.

> But, I now realise that quite a sizeable number of people actually do
> (ab)use the integrated MySQL server as an application database; which
> obviously makes that this setting should be exposed to the  
> webadministrator.

Yeah, and actually using the features of a relational database to  
handle more advanced application logic can simplify certain things a  
lot (e.g. caching). I'm OK with adding a setting for "query-cache- 
size" in the Administration Interface.

All the best,

Fredrik Noring, Roxen Internet Software