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Re: cmod inherit question Johan_Björklund <johbjo09[at]kth[dot]se> 10-11-2009
Henrik Grubbström wrote:
> Not quite; --with-checker adds some code to simplify analysis by 
> C-level code checkers (eg valgrind, purify, coverity etc). Most 
> consistency checks are added by --with-rtldebug (runtime-level debug).

I think "--with-cleanup-on-exit" is the one I was really thinking of. It 
gives a list of the leaked objects with line numbers?

  --with-cleanup-on-exit            Do full cleanup at exit to detect 
leaks better.
  --with-dmalloc                    Enable memory leak checks.
  --with-dmalloc-malloc             Enable overloading of malloc(3)
  --with-dmalloc-malloc-leaks       Report memory allocated by malloc(3) 
as leaks.
  --with-dmalloc-trace              enable tracepoints
  --with-dmalloc-c-stack-trace      record C stack traces for block 
  --with-dmalloc-track-free         track freed memory too
  --with-debug                      same as --with-cdebug --with-rtldebug
  --without-debug                   same as --without-cdebug 
  --with-rtldebug                   enable run time self tests

It might it be worth it to try all of these when writing a cmod.