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Re: cmod inherit question Yvan Vander Sanden <yvan[at]youngmusic[dot]org> 04-11-2009
2009/11/4 H. William Welliver III <<hww3[at]>>

> I'll take a stab at providing some places to look for answers...
> I am a little conused, though... Control inherits HostApiInfo and also
> contains one as a member variable?
> Ah, yes. It is meant to be a member variable. I know that is not the way
you're supposed to use inherit in c, but it works in Pike, and since my
class was at least recognised since I added the inherit directive, i thought
i was heading in the right direction.

After a night's sleep it looks less good, i must say :-) Thanks for pointing
me to the C-level code. I thought using CMOD excluded the C-level functions.
I guess I'd better take a look at them too.


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