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Re: probably a small bug H. William Welliver III <hww3[at]riverweb[dot]com> 01-11-2009
I don't think it has anything to do with monger per se, as the  
problem happens when you use pike -x module. It seems that when the  
change was made to use include, the implementor didn't consider the  
case where precompile would be run from an installed pike. It's not  
clear to me how best to solve the problem since the relative path to  
precompile.pike is different depending on whether you're working in  
the source tree or from within the installed pike.


On Oct 31, 2009, at 7:47 AM, Martin Stjernholm wrote:

> Arne Goedeke <<el[at]>> wrote:
>> Ive had that bug for ages now. I think it was mentioned on the list
>> before. I usually work around that by putting a link into the
>> include directory pointing to the lib/ dir. I think the link is
>> correct in case pike has not been installed yet. note sure.
> Yes, the include path is correct when precompile.pike is in its
> original place in the bin directory. It needs to work there, so the
> problem is that the same file is copied to include/pike. It should use
> another template there, maybe with an inherit instead of #include.
> I'm not versed in the monger parts so I don't know how that should be
> fixed in a proper way. I hope someone who is can come up with a patch.
> The premise is that it leaves the original bin/precompile.pike
> untouched.