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RXML Compatibility & Migration

Differences between different versions

How can I import a site's configuration from an old version's configuration files?

Posted at 2004-11-17 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2004-12-02 by Marc Dirix

For Roxen:

Move the configuration file to the correct path in the file system (e.g. /usr/local/roxen/configuration/). Be aware that the compatibility level is automatically set to your old server's version, what can bring up quite annoying and hard to find errors. Set the compatibility level in the site's settings tab.

For ChiliMoon:

ChiliMoons' installation script will automatically detect a previous configuration file and will not overwrite it with a new one. Once the server is restarted setting will be as with a previous version. No compatability layer is activated because there aren't any.

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

How did the handling of <contents/> change?

Posted at 2004-11-22 by Michael Stenitzer

The passed contents of a defined container is RXML evaluated at the first encountered <contents/>. The result of this will be reused for each succeeding <contents/> within the same definition.

Applies to: Roxen (changed after 2.2) ,

Is there a way to use/convert old RXML 1.x pages?

Posted at 2004-12-02 by Marc Dirix, Last updated at 2004-12-06 by Michael Stenitzer


Unfortunately not at the moment. It should not be hard to convert the current caudium parser into a working ChiliMoon module. Just keep in mind not to make large changes in the ChiliMoon core.

Roxen > 2.0

There is a compatibility module available, although it is not recommended to be used. There are many reasons to move on to RXML 2.

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

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