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Roxen & ChiliMoon Resources

Documentation, mailing lists, etc.

Where can I find the Roxen mailinglist?

Posted at 2004-11-17 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2005-12-15 by Michael Stenitzer


Sign up by mailing roxen-request@roxen.com. You can send to the list via roxen@roxen.com


If you want to unsubscribe the list, just send a mail to roxen-request@roxen.com with subject 'unsubscribe'

Alternative read-only access to the mailing lists

Applies to: Roxen ,

Where do I find more information about ChiliMoon?

Posted at 2004-11-29 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2004-11-30 by Michael Stenitzer

There are three mailinglists available for ChiliMoon:


On this list announcement are made for changes in the ChiliMoon project. A chilimoon user should at least be a member of this list.

  • Join the list by sending an email to: chilimoon-announce-subscribe@list.chilimoon.org
  • Leave the list by sending an email to: chilimoon-announce-unsubscribe@list.chilimoon.org


This list is to discuss every day problems when using the ChiliMoon Webserver. Users are also invited to discuss RXML.

  • Join the list by sending an email to: chilimoon-users-subscribe@list.chilimoon.org
  • Send your messages to: chilimoon-users@list.chilimoon.org
  • Leave the list by sending an email to: chilimoon-users-unsubscribe@list.chilimoon.org


On this list the discussion of future development of the ChiliMoon Webserver takes place.

  • Join the list by sending an email to: chilimoon-dev-subscribe@list.chilimoon.org
  • Send your messages to: chilimoon-dev@list.chilimoon.org
  • Leave the list by sending an email to: chilimoon-dev-unsubscribe@list.chilimoon.org

The chilimoon-dev list is also available on lyskom, subscribe to ChiliMoon (-) Mooh, Mooh at the kom.lysator.liu.se lyskom server.

Applies to: ChiliMoon

Is there also a ChiliMoon version with CMS?

Posted at 2004-12-01 by Marc Dirix

No there isn't. ChiliMoon is only based on the Roxen Webserver parts.

Code-parts needed by Roxen CMS are kept as is, making it possible, however currently not supported, to run Roxen CMS ontop of ChiliMoon.

Applies to: ChiliMoon

What is ChiliMoon?

Posted at 2004-12-06 by Michael Stenitzer

ChiliMoon is what we like to call a "next generation" internet server[1]. ChiliMoon is a fork of the Roxen Webserver which is a very extensible internet server built completly in the Pike programming language. ChiliMoon will be based on Roxen 4.0.

Currently [Dec 04] a couple of people are preparing a public announcement and a first release of ChiliMoon.

  • If you are an experienced developer or want to support developers (e.g. by writing documentation or specifications) you can join the effort by subscribing the chilimoon-dev mailing list (see FAQs).
  • If you are a potential user of ChiliMoon wait until the chilimoon-announce list will inform you about major steps. Probly you will also hear about it at several related list (Roxen, Pike, Caudium).

Note [1]: It is important to distinguish between a webserver and an internetserver. Internet is much more than just the world wide web.

Applies to: ChiliMoon


Posted by Marc Dirix (2004-12-06)

Synchronisation between ChiliMoon and Roxen webserver will keep taking place.

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