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Roxen & ChiliMoon Modules

Working with Roxen and ChiliMoon modules (general and concerning certain modules)

Why does IMHO not work with Roxen 4.0?

Posted at 2004-11-12 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2004-12-30 by Michael Stenitzer

Roxen 4 uses Pike 7.4 or 7.6. IMHO has not been maintained for a long time.

Try this patch

--- imho.pike	Mon Aug 11 09:19:53 2003 
+++ imho.pike.patch	Mon Aug 11 09:09:56 2003 
@@ -6541,7 +6541,7 @@ 
-      array stat=(array)file_stat(value); 
+      mixed stat=file_stat(value); 
       if(!stat || !(stat[0] & 73)) 
 	return "Must be an executable file."; 
@@ -6781,7 +6781,7 @@ 
   // Roxen tries to kill us. Escape... 
   // Destroy all sessions after 60 seconds if the new IMHO hasn't been compiled by then. 
   a[0]=call_out(lambda(mixed ... foo){foo[1]->destroy_clients();}, 60,  
-		"IMHO_Survivor", new(object_program(this_object()), g, variables, 
+		"IMHO_Survivor", object_program(this_object())(g, variables, 
 				     0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0), a, my_configuration() ); 

Applies to: Roxen (4.0) ,


Posted by Henrik Grubbström (Roxen IS) (2004-11-29)

Just adding a

 #pike 7.0 

to the beginning of imho.pike should be sufficient.

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Why is the HTTP-Proxy forwarding to another server so incredibly slow?

Posted at 2004-11-12 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2004-11-14 by Sascha Nemecek

Do not use "raw" in your forwarding pattern.

  LOCATION / CALL http://otherhost/dir/ 

The problem is with keep-alive. The relay module does not like it, if the backend server keeps the connection. For some reason, some browsers send a keep-alive request, and if you specify the 'raw' option, it gets handed to the backend server which of course honors it. After a couple of minutes, the browser times out and drops the connection. The connection to the backend is dropped in turn, the browser repeats the request, and from then on everything is fine.

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

I want to drop a module from a site, but it can not be removed

Posted at 2004-11-12 by Michael Stenitzer

The module is still used by a different module (e.g. “Tab list” uses the “GButton” module).

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

What is the search order for overlapping filesystems?

Posted at 2004-11-15 by Michael Stenitzer

Roxen/ChiliMoon starts to look in the filesystem with longest mountpoint first. It's only undefined if two modules have the same mountpoint.

e.g. if you have three filesystem with the following mountpoints:


The file /foo/bar/gazonk/file will be searched in the order shown above. For identical mountpoints (e.g. two filesystems mounted at /foo/) you can change the search order if you change the module’s priority settings.

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

Why does the redirect module not apply the rules from an included file?

Posted at 2007-02-13 by Michael Stenitzer

If you include a file with redirect rules by using the '#include <filename>' syntax you must use UNIX-style linebreaks (LF only) in this file.

Applies to: Roxen ,

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