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Installing Pike, Roxen & ChiliMoon on different platforms

Do I have to reinstall / recompile Roxen after installing / compiling a new Pike version?

Posted at 2004-11-16 by Sascha Nemecek

No, but you might need to restart Roxen with --remove-dumped.

When you are already running a custom Roxen-Pike setup, do not forget to update all symlinks, so that they pointing to the new Pike installation (e.g. /roxen/server-4.0.172/bin/roxen).

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

Is the use of the Roxen CMS Personal Edition restriced in any way?

Posted at 2004-11-21 by Michael Stenitzer

You have to fill out the registration form at download.roxen.com.

The license agreement says that you are allowed to install one "Web Site", but the intention is only to limit the number of CMS sites. The restrictions built in to the product only applies to CMS modules and there is nothing to stop you from fully taking advantage of the WebServer parts.

Applies to: Roxen ,

How can I use my own MySQL server instead of installing another one with Roxen?

Posted at 2004-11-21 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2004-11-30 by IzNoGooD

 cd /usr/local/roxen/server/mysql 
 mkdir libexec 
 mkdir share 
 ln -s /usr/local/libexec/mysqld libexec 
 ln -s /usr/local/share/mysql share 

Adjust the paths in the last two lines with paths to match wherever MySQL is installed on your system. ChiliMoon supplies a script in the mysql directory to do this job for you.

Note: be aware that you might be restricted to certain MySQL versions. (see according FAQ)

Applies to: Roxen ,

Starting Roxen 3.3 on Redhat 9 fails with "Roxen X.X requires MySQL support"

Posted at 2004-11-21 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2005-01-09 by Michael Stenitzer

The problem is due to Redhat’s new thread library.

Workaround: Add the following lines to ../local/environment:


See Bug3492

Applies to: Roxen (3.3) ,

After updating to Roxen 4 the server fails to start because MySQL does not start

Posted at 2004-11-21 by Michael Stenitzer

You find an error message in the debug log:

 Failed to start MySQL. Aborting 

If you copied your configurations directory from an older Roxen, delete the file <roxenhome>/configurations/_mysql/my.cnf so that 4.0 can recreate it with correct options. It's probably missing a

 user = root 


Note: If you run the Roxen process with another UID/GID you can also use this UID/GID for the MySQL process (don't forget to chown/chgrp the mysql-files to the UID/GID before starting Roxen with this combination).

Applies to: Roxen (4.0) ,

How can I get a look into Roxen’s self extracting installation files?

Posted at 2004-11-22 by Michael Stenitzer

They are just normal TAR files. You might want to rename them to have a glance into the containing files.

Applies to: Roxen ,

What libraries do I need to install Roxen/ChiliMoon?

Posted at 2004-11-27 by Michael Stenitzer, Last updated at 2004-12-05 by Michael Stenitzer

If you choose the binary installation files all libraries are compiled in. You just need your native database libraries to run Roxen / ChiliMoon with a different database than MySQL.

If you want to install the source package or build your own Pike, you have to be sure to install the necessary libraries in advance:

  • gmp (gmp-devel) (Bundled with pike)
  • zlib
  • libs for image support (jpeg, tiff and whatever you need)
  • libs for truetype rendering (freetype2-devel, ttf)
  • mysql-devel (or libmysql-devel)
  • optionally libs for other databes support (oracle, postgres etc.)
  • optionally libs for Java support (JDK)
  • Nettle (bundled with Pike)

GMP and Nettle are both bundled with Pike source distributions and are built during the Pike build process if you don't have a local installation.

Applies to: Roxen , ChiliMoon

Where can I get ChiliMoon?

Posted at 2004-11-30 by IzNoGooD

Anonymous access to the CVS should be possible through:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.lysator.liu.se:/cvsroot/ChiliMoon login 
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.lysator.liu.se:/cvsroot/ChiliMoon co ChiliMoon/2004 

Applies to: ChiliMoon

Are there migration issues when migrating from Roxen 4.0 to ChiliMoon?

Posted at 2004-12-02 by Marc Dirix

There are no real issues to be taken care of when migrating from Roxen 4.0 to ChiliMoon at the moment.

One should however keep in mind that all compatibility layers for older Roxen versions have been stripped. So if you use them, please reconsider first updating your RXML code.

Applies to: ChiliMoon
Status: Answer to be confirmed


Posted by Sascha Nemecek (2005-02-02)

Maybe it is worth mentioning that the scope "roxen" has been changed to "server".

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